Point absorber 1998 - 2001

Historical WEC’s that has been tested at sea

During the Danish Wave Energy Program the PA concept was investigated via survival experiments 1998, power production and experiments in scale 1:10 June 1999, test in Nissum Bredning, Hydraulic PTO dry test in scale 1:4 at DTU and on a 2.5 meter diameter float in the flume at DMI 2001 followed by a feasibility study of a 100 MW plant in the North sea of Denmark.

Principle: The float is moved up and down by the waves relative to a gravity/suction cup based seabed structure.  This relative motion activates a hydraulic PTO including a hydraulic piston that drives a hydraulic motor that drives a generator. In the hydraulic system is included accumulators that smooth out the pulsating energy from the waves.  A synthetic rope is inserted between the hydraulic piston pump and the seabed.

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