Danish Wave Power, DWP 1988 - 1996

Historical WEC’s that has been tested at sea

History: DWP tested two Wave Energy Converters outside Hanstholm in the North sea of Denmark.

The first WEC was a 45 kW unit of 600 ton concrete placed on 30 meter deep water outside Hanstholm in 1988-90 (lower photos) – followed by a smaller scale 1:4 experiment with a 2.5 meter diameter float connected to a sea-based pump on 25 meter deep water (upper photos) in 1994-96.

Data over a six month period was obtained on performance and survival loads at Hanstholm.

Danish Wave Power Aps,  was founded by B.Højlund Rasmussen, NKT, Flygt Pumper and Højgaard & Schultz. The principle of the Float Pump system was invented by Kim Nielsen.

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