The Danish strategic plan for waveenergy development of deployment locations

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The optimism about the future development of ocean energy must be found in a long term vision for success.

This involve finding, components, sub-systems, processes, policies, permits and licences that can deliver those products in an economically attractive and environmentally benign way.

This is one of the lessons learned from the closure of several large wave energy projects such as Pelamis, Oyster and Wave Star which made headlines news late 2015.

The past : I Denmark the first wave energy experiments was carried out in Øresund in 1983 followed by Danish Wave Powers off-shore experiments in Hanstholm 1993.

A Danish Wave Energy development programme followed in1998 – 2002 where the Danish stepwise development model was born with the first sheltered test site established at Nissum Bredning where Wave Dragon and Wavestar was tested in small scale.

WaveStar was developed in larger scale and during 2010 -2014 tested at DanWEC the test site at Hanstholm 2012 which received Greenlab funding to become a common offshore test site.

The present: Currently Wave Piston has deployed their technology at the site. DanWEC tests can give the basic development experience required for the demonstration of reliable performance.

The Future : Outline of possible placements of wave energy devices in Denmark. To complete an environmental and societal evaluation of the specific offshore locations for wave energy devices in Denmark where it will be possible to produce at least 1500 GWh per year.

Demo Parks (10-20 MW year 2020 - 2030)

The large Demo Parks (30 – 60 MW year 2025 - 2035)

Off shore Energy Park (500 – 1000 MW year 2030 onwards)